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Affordable housing for local needs

The following information is provided to indicate how CCBC will deliver the affordable housing needs in Conwy.

A shortage of affordable housing is one of the most pressing issues that the County Borough faces. Increasing the supply of affordable housing is also a key policy goal of the Welsh Government.

One of the aims of the Conwy Local Development Plan is to ensure that the borough is fully equipped to deliver affordable housing through the planning system The LDP affordable housing policy seeks provision by various percentages according to housing market area in the urban areas and tier 1 main villages, with a 100% affordable housing starting point for tier 2 and minor villages. Delivering affordable housing on-site is a priority and only in exceptional circumstances will off-site development or commuted sums be considered. However, the Council encourages viable and deliverable residential developments and a framework has been put in place to ensure this.

The Three Dragons Development Appraisal (DAT) Toolkit has also been purchased to assist in testing the viability of sites and the appropriate level of affordable housing to be supplied. The provision of affordable housing sought will depend on the sites viability.

Policy HOU/2 states that a lower affordable housing provision may be acceptable where it can be clearly demonstrated and supported by the submission of evidence including completion of a Financial Viability Assessment Pro-Forma, which can be found on our Development Viability Advice Service page.

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