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LDP - Inspector's Documents and Responses

This page contains questions and issues raised by the Inspectors and the Council's responses to them.

Library Reference
Document TitleAuthorDate added to Library
INS015(R)Response to INS015CCBC03/06/2013
INS015(CL)Covering LetterProgramme Officer01/05/2013
INS015Inspector Query regarding Welsh Language PolicyInspector01/05/2013
INS014(R) ivRational for reduction of Contingency Level from 15% to 10%CCBC13/05/2013
INS014(R) iiiAppendix 4b to INS014(R)CCBC26/04/2013
INS014(R) iiAppendix 4a to INS014(R)CCBC26/04/2013
INS014(R) iAppendix 1 to INS014(R)CCBC26/04/2013
INS014(R)Council's response to the Inspectors'' Preliminary ConclusionsCCBC26/04/2013
INS 014Inspectors' Preliminary Conclusions on Strategic MattersInspectors22/04/2013
INS013Inspectors' Guidance on the Preparation of Position StatementsInspector19/04/2013
INS012Note From The Lead Inspector Regarding Hearing Session 3Inspector26/02/2013
INS012 (CL)Covering LetterProgramme Officer26/02/2013
INS011(R)Council response to INS011CCBC22/02/2013
INS011Email regarding examination databaseProgramme Officer04/03/2013
INS010Programme of Hearing SessionsProgramme Officer22/04/13
INS009Note of Pre Hearing MeetingInspectors23/01/2013
INS008(R)Council Response to INS008CCBC12/12/2012
INS008Letter regarding the new Aggregates Safeguarding Map of WalesProgramme Officer30/11/2012
INS007Pre-Hearing Meeting AgendaThe Inspectors07/12/2012
INS006Provisional Schedule of Issues and Matters for DiscussionThe Inspectors07/12/2012
INS005Guidance Note from the InspectorsThe Inspectors07/12/2012
INS004Note to Conwy County Borough Council outlining timetabling issues identified by the InspectorsProgramme Officer23/11/2012
INS003(R)CCBC Response to INS003 - PPW Edition 5CCBC26/11/2012
INS003Note to Conwy County Borough Council containing a request from Inspectors regarding the publication of Planning Policy Wales 5th Edition [PPW5]Programme Officer19/11/2012
INS002(R)(ii)Supporting Note – CCBC Response to INS 002 Q10 – Viability and InfrastructureCCBC04/01/2013
INS002(R)(i)Conwy County Borough Council’s response to the Inspectors' second note (INS002a) and actions resulting from the Preliminary Meeting (INS002b)CCBC11/11/2012
INS002(CL)Covering letterProgramme Officer22/10/2012
INS002bNote of Preliminary Meeting with Council officers held at ConwyThe Inspectors24/10/2012
INS002aNote to Conwy County Borough Council from the Inspectors seeking preliminary clarification of certain aspects of the submitted LDP and proposed changesThe Inspectors22/10/2012
INS001(R)Conwy County Borough Council's response to the Inspectors' Initial NoteCCBC15/10/2012
INS001Initial Note to Conwy County Borough Council from the InspectorsThe Inspectors 05/10/2012

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