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Development Viability Advice Service and Fees

A charge will apply for using our pre-application Development Viability advice service.

What is the Development Viability Advice Service?

This service is in place to discuss the viability of a proposed development scheme and provide developers with a formal response detailing the level of planning obligations that would be required to support a planning application as per the Council’s adopted Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Guidance (e.g. Affordable Housing, Open Space, Education, etc.).  The Strategic Planning Policy Service use a recognised Development Viability Appraisal Toolkit to assess a schemes viability having considered various costs and revenue.  It is not mandatory for developers to use the service.  However, the service will create greater certainty for developers in progressing schemes and planning applications.

Please note that the service is not in place to provide pre-planning application advice.  Pre-planning application advice can be obtained by contacting the Development Management Service. Only development viability and planning obligations will be discussed and a formal response provided using this Development Viability advice service

Why use the Development Viability Advice service?

There are a number of benefits in using this service.

  • Provides certainty in progressing planning applications
  • Uses a recognised development viability appraisal toolkit to assess schemes
  • Identifies the ‘show stopping’ development viability issues
  • Understands your development viability issues and impacts on planning obligations
  • Calculates what planning obligations will be required having understood your viability issues
  • Demonstrates what evidence of need is collated by the Strategic Planning Policy Service in support of the required planning obligations
  • Identifies any development viability information you will need when you make your planning application
  • Issues a formal response for your proposed scheme, which in turn provides greater certainty in drawing up a planning application and avoids delay when the application is submitted.
  • Involves key lead Officers at a designated meeting to discuss viability issues and planning obligations. 

Which schemes would benefit from using the Service?

All residential schemes and mixed-use schemes involving residential (e.g. mixed-use residential and employment) would benefit from the service.  Such schemes will be subject to planning obligations and potential viability appraisal when a planning application is submitted.
What schemes are exempt from viability testing?

All exemptions from viability testing are detailed on the exemptions list.

How do I make an application to use the service?

Step 1: Complete the Development Viability Advice Request Form

Step 2: Complete the Development Viability Pro-forma

Step 3: Post your application and the correct fee to Strategic Planning Policy Service, Llandudno Library, Mostyn Street, Llandudno LL30 2RP.  Application forms can be emailed to but no action will be taken until receipt of the relevant fee.

Please include enough information to support your request. A guidance note has been produced to assist in completing the Development Viability Pro-forma.

Our Promise When Using the Service

In using the Development Viability Pre-application Advice Service we will:

  • Requests for Written Confirmation Only: Acknowledge receipt of your initial request within 5 working days and provide a formal letter response within 15 working days (subject to any requests by the Council for further information)
  • Requests for a meeting and written confirmation: Respond to your initial request within 5 working days with a date for the meeting and/or requests for further information. Following the meeting the Council will provide a formal written confirmation of the results within 10 working days. 

How much does the service cost?

Details of the costs for using the pre-application Development Viability Service are detailed in the Charging Schedule below.

There is no charge for viability assessments undertaken as part of a planning application. Please note that when a Proforma or other viability information is submitted in support of a planning application, it will be made publicly available along with other application documents.

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Published: 17/06/2015    Last updated: 29/01/2019

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