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The contents of these Examination webpages are the responsibility of the LDP Examination Programme Officer who works independently of Conwy County Borough Council.

***Latest Examination News***

The Inspectors' final report has been received by the Council and the LDP has been found to be sound subject to certain changes required by the Inspectors. The Council will now proceed to adopt the plan.

The Examination is over and these pages will no longer be updated. Information regarding the adoption of the plan will be available on the LDP webpages and all queries should be directed to the LDP team at

The Examination Library

Below are links to the LDP Examination Library which contains documents that informed the preparation of the LDP together with other relevant documents that were considered during the Examination

It is split into the following sections:

Hearings Documents: Documents relating to specific Hearing Sessions will be placed here.

Examination Documents: These include:

National Policy and Guidance.

Submission Documents: the documents submitted by Conwy County Borough Council for Examination.

More in this section

LDP - Programme of Hearing Sessions

This programme is kept under constant review and was last updated on 22nd April, 2013.

LDP - Inspector's Documents and Responses

This page contains questions and issues raised by the Inspectors and the Council's responses to them.

LDP - Examination Documents

The following pages include all documents, not related to a specific hearing session, submitted to the Examination following the submission of the LDP to the Welsh Government.

General Correspondence

This page contains general correspondence about issues not directly related to the soundness of the LDP.

National Policy and Guidance

This page contains links to the main national planning policy and guidance documents which provide a framework for consideration of the LDP.

Local Development Plan Submission Documents 2012

Conwy County Borough Council has submitted proposals for the Local Development Plan to the Welsh Government for Examination in accordance with The Town and Country Planning (Local Development Plan) (Wales) Regulations 2005 (Regulation 22).

Related documents

acrobat/pdf fileInspectors Report Covering Letter 02/09/2013
Document type: acrobat/pdf file
Document size: 517k

acrobat/pdf fileConwy LDP Inspector's Report 02/09/2013
Document type: acrobat/pdf file
Document size: 7.04Mb

acrobat/pdf fileConwy Local Development Plan Examination Library List
Document type: acrobat/pdf file
Document size: 225k


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