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BP26 - Landfill Feasibility Study

This background paper is a summary from a more detailed Landfill Feasibility Study produced by RPS on the Council's behalf. Copies of the detailed study can be obtained by contacting the Planning Policy Department.

A Sustainability Appraisal (SA) of the emerging LDP provides the sustainability objectives against which all realistic policies and strategies should be tested. The SA baseline indicates the shortfall in waste management facilities in Conwy as well as the limited life of existing landfill operations, in particular, operations permitted to manage non-hazardous waste. Although it is noted that provision needs to be made for waste management facilities which divert waste from disposal to landfill, some capacity will be necessary to manage residual waste from the recycling and recovery process.

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Published: 10/03/2011    Last updated: 24/05/2012

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