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BP17 - Conwy Strategic Flood Consequences Assessment (SFCA)

This background paper outlines the evidence considered by the Conwy County Borough Council during the preparation of the Local Development Plan (LDP) and the actions proposed by Council to ensure that the risk to new developments from flooding is minimised.

Flooding is a natural occurrence which is often hard to predict. It can pose a direct risk to human life and cause extensive damage to both property and infrastructure. The threat posed by climate change is likely to increase the risk of coastal and fluvial flooding due to a predicted rise in the sea-level and a more intense rainfall. Therefore the risk of flooding is a material consideration which influences both development control decisions and LDP site allocations.

The aim of the SFRA is to inform the application of the sequential test to candidate development sites within the LDP. This will enable the Local Planning Authority to adopt the precautionary principle promoted in National planning guidance to direct development away from high flood risk areas.

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Acrobat/PDF FileBP17 - Conwy Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
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Published: 10/03/2011    Last updated: 04/09/2012

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