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BP14 - Employment Land Study

The key focus of this study is to re-consider the employment allocation assessment in the light of new more up-to-date forecast employment estimates provided by Cambridge Econometrics.

The study considers the issues associated with substantiating the necessary land allocation for employment purposes in Conwy and the balance between the positive political aspirations for the area and the reality on the ground. Conwy is struggling with the idea of 'growth'; for the first time in a generation perhaps there is a new mood in Conwy which is aiming to capitalise on the recent developments in the county - particularly around Llandudno Junction and the relocation of the Welsh Assembly Government North Wales headquarters to Llandudno Junction as well.

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Published: 10/03/2011    Last updated: 29/10/2012

Strategic Planning and Communities, Regulatory Services, PO Box 1, Conwy, LL30 9GN