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LDP04 - Planning Obligations

Planning obligations serve an important role in the planning system. They can help to remedy genuine planning problems and to enhance the quality of development and its contribution to a particular area.

A planning obligation is a legally binding agreement which usually runs with the title of the land rather than with the person entering into the agreement. Planning obligations are therefore enforceable against subsequent owners of the land, as well as the original covenantor.  Typically obligations are negotiated in the context of granting planning permission and are used to secure provisions to enable the development of land that are not suitable or capable of being contained in a condition attached to the planning permission.

The provision of this advice is intended to ensure that the process of negotiating, agreeing and monitoring a planning obligation, is fair and transparent to all participants of the planning system.

This SPG has now been adopted as council policy with effect from July 2014. SPGs help to make sure certain policies and proposals are better understood and applied more effectively. They do not have the same status as policies in adopted development plans but we use them to help us make decisions on planning applications.

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Published: 01/01/2014    Last updated: 31/07/2017

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