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Natural environment project team

The purpose of the Project Team is to assist in implementing the LDP objectives in the delivery of Renewable Energy and the protection and enhancement of the Natural Environment in Conwy.

The Project has three main elements:

  • To produce / facilitate the production of evidence base necessary to support the Natural Environment Strategy of the LDP
  • To produce Supplementary Planning Guidance documents as identified in the LDP
  • To set up the controls and systems necessary to monitor the effectiveness of LDP 'NTE' Policies, in order to feed into the LDP Annual Monitoring Report (AMR)

The Project Team will coordinate the preparation of a series of Supplementary Planning Guidance documents which provide supporting information on various LDP Natural Environment policies and both update and prepare new evidence base on topics such as Renewable Energy, Flood Risk and Development, Landscape Character, Landscaping SPG [to be combined with Design under DP Project Team], Completion of REA and promotion of objectives/projects and the Joint Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Study of Onshore Wind Turbines SPG (completed Aug 2013).  The Project Team will liaise with a wide range of stakeholders and link with other plans, projects and strategies as and when required.

Published: 12/02/2014    Last updated: 12/02/2014

Strategic Planning and Communities, Regulatory Services, PO Box 1, Conwy, LL30 9GN