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Tourism project team

The purpose of the Project Team is to assist in implementing the LDP objectives to promote Sustainable Tourism and the delivery of sustainable tourism allocations in the LDP. The Project Team will review policy and issues relating to the policy within the LDP. It will also monitor how this policy can achieve the aspirations of other plans and strategies relating to tourism development. There is a distinct split in policy areas and with planning issues especially regarding static caravans in the coastal-urban and rural areas. Where there are high concentrations of units along the coast, the main focus of planning policy is to improve existing facilities without increasing the number of units. This will in turn improve the landscape and biodiversity of the area. In the rural area sustainable proposals will be supported where they comply with policies TOU2-4 with an overarching control on small increases in scale at existing sites as well as promoting high class sustainable offer elsewhere.

The Project Team will coordinate the preparation of Supplementary Planning Guidance documents which provide supporting information on various LDP tourism policies and both update and prepare new evidence base on various topics. The Project Team will also monitor the implementation of the LDP Sustainable Tourism Strategy and liaise with a wide range of stakeholders and link with other plans, projects and strategies as and when required.

Published: 12/02/2014    Last updated: 12/02/2014

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