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Working with communities

This page details how the Council gathers evidence of affordable housing need.

Up to date evidence of affordable housing need in the communities of Conwy is paramount to support the formulation of policy and in supporting planning applications for affordable housing. The Council undertake and continually review the North West Wales Local Housing Market Assessment, prepare Housing Needs Studies via the Rural Housing Enabler Officer and retain Affordable Housing Registers of those currently in need for affordable housing.

This collection of affordable housing need data is vital in establishing appropriate policies, supporting planning applications and attracting funding opportunities for affordable housing within the County Borough.

The Rural Housing Enabler could be currently gathering information of need within your community. To find out when a Housing Needs Study is being undertaken in your area contact Grŵp Cynefin .

Published: 12/02/2014    Last updated: 06/05/2014

Strategic Planning and Communities, Conwy County Borough Council, Llandudno Library, Mostyn Street, Llandudno, LL30 2RP