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Submitting sites / assessment of sites

Supply and assessment of sites

The supply of sites and buildings is essential if the Council and partners are to accommodate the need for affordable housing in Conwy. The Council would encourage the submission of sites and buildings for affordable housing development consideration. An electronic mapping tool has been developed to make the process of submitting sites easier and more straight forward.

Submit your site

The electronic mapping tool provides you with an easy means of submitting a potential affordable housing site to the Council for consideration.

You can use the Council's interactive mapping tool to submit a potential site for affordable housing consideration.

Assessment of sites

A site's suitability for affordable housing provision should take into account its size and its location in relation to facilities and services, its level of constraints, whether it meets current up to date national and local policy and the evidence of housing need in the locality.

Please refer to the Conwy Local Development Plan for current Policies in relation to Affordable Housing for Local Need (Policy HOU/2 and HOU/6).

Published: 12/02/2014    Last updated: 12/02/2014

Strategic Planning and Communities, Conwy County Borough Council, Llandudno Library, Mostyn Street, Llandudno, LL30 2RP