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LDP Representations Report

The Conwy Deposit Local Development Plan (LDP) was subject to consultation between 27th April and 7th July 2009. As a result of the comments received to the 2009 consultation a further revised Conwy Deposit LDP was published between 14th March and 26th April 2011.

During both deposit consultation periods the Council received approximately 14,000 relevant comments. These comments have now been divided into two documents known as a Representation Report and a Site Allocation Representation Report.

In accordance with the Town and Country Planning (Local Development Plan) (Wales) Regulations 2005, Regulation 19, a summary of the non-site comments received from the 14,000 are now available to view in the form of a Representations Report from 28th November 2011. This document details the non-site comments received to both deposit consultation stages only.

It is important to note that the Representations Report is for viewing only and is not for comment.; Comments received to the Representations Report will be rejected.

The Representation Report can be viewed below.

A Site Allocation Representations Register has also been produced separately by the Council in line with Regulation 20 of the above Regulations, which sets out all the 'site' comments received from the 14,000.  During both the 2009 and 2011 deposit consultation periods a number of the 14,000 comments were made about the proposed LDP allocations (sites for development). The Site Allocation Representations Register details all comments to 'delete', 'amend' or consider a 'new alternative development site' for allocation in the LDP. The Council is now seeking your views on the site comments received. 

The Site Allocation Representation Report can be viewed at the link below.

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Published: 16/11/2011    Last updated: 24/02/2014

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