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National Policy and Guidance

This page contains links to the main national planning policy and guidance documents which provide a framework for consideration of the LDP.

Library Reference NumberNational Policy and Guidance (these documents are hosted on external websites)Published by
PC001People, Places, Futures - The Wales Spatial Plan 2008 Update - Available as paper copy onlyWelsh Government
PC002Planning Policy Wales (Edition 4, February 2011) - SUPERCEDEDWelsh Government
PC002aPlanning Policy Wales (Edition 5, November 2012)Welsh Government
PC003Minerals Planning Policy Wales Welsh Government
PC004Minerals Technical Advice Note (MTAN) Wales 1: Aggregates Welsh Government
PC005Technical Advice Note (TAN) 1: Joint Housing Land Availability Studies Welsh Government
PC006Technical Advice Note (TAN) 2: Planning And Affordable Housing Welsh Government
PC007Technical Advice Note (TAN) 3: Simplified Planning Zones Welsh Government
PC008Technical Advice Note (TAN) 4: Retailing and Town Centres Welsh Government
PC009Technical Advice Note 5, Nature Conservation and Planning Welsh Government
PC010Technical Advice Note 6 – Planning for Sustainable Rural Communities Welsh Government
PC011Technical Advice Note (TAN) 7: Outdoor Advertisement Control Welsh Government
PC012Technical Advice Note (TAN) 8: Renewable Energy Welsh Government
PC013Enforcement and Planning Appeals Welsh Government
PC014Technical Advice Note (TAN) 10: Tree Preservation Orders Welsh Government
PC015Technical Advice Note (TAN) 11: Noise Welsh Government
PC016Technical Advice Note (TAN) 12: Design Welsh Government
PC017Technical Advice Note (TAN) 13: Tourism Welsh Government
PC018Technical Advice Note (TAN) 14: Coastal Planning Welsh Government
PC019Technical Advice Note (TAN) 15: Development and Flood Risk Welsh Government
PC019aClarification Letter CL-03-09 Technical Advice Note 15: Adoption of Development Advice Maps 2009 and cancellation of Development Advice Maps 2004 Welsh Government
PC020Technical Advice Note 16: Sport, Recreation and Open Space Welsh Government
PC020aClarification Letter CL-02-11 - Technical Advice Note 16: Open Space – Interpretation of Fields in Trust “Benchmark Standards” in Local Development PlansWelsh Government
PC021Technical Advice Note (TAN) 18: Transport Welsh Government
PC022Technical Advice Note (TAN) 19: Telecommunications Welsh Government
PC023Technical Advice Note (TAN) 20: The Welsh Language - Unitary Development Plans and Planning ControlWelsh Government
PC023aDraft Technical Advice Note 20: Planning and the Welsh languageWelsh Government
PC024Technical Advice Note (TAN) 21: Waste Welsh Government
PC025Practice Guidance: Planning for Sustainable Buildings Welsh Government
PC026Local Development Plans WalesWelsh Government
PC027Local Development Plan ManualWelsh Government
PC028Part 6, Sections 62-72 of Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act UK Government
PC029Town and Country Planning (Local Development Plan) (Wales) Regulations Welsh Government
PC030A Brief Guide to Examining Local Development Plans (LDP's)The Planning Inspectorate
PC031The Examination of Local Development Plans (LDP's): Frequently Asked QuestionsThe Planning Inspectorate
PC032Local Development Plans: Examining Local Development Plans Procedure GuidanceThe Planning Inspectorate
PC033Welsh Office Circular 13/97: Planning Obligations Welsh Government
PC034Technical Advice Note (TAN) 24: The Historic Environment (2017) Welsh Government
PC035Welsh Government Circular WAGC30/07 - Planning for Gypsy And Traveller caravan sites Welsh Government
PC036Community Infrastructure Levy RegulationsUK Government
PC037Ministerial Statement – ‘Stimulating Home Building in Wales’Welsh Government

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